Through 14 years of industry experience and a desire to provide a high quality, reliable and transparent service to an otherwise lacking retail sector. 

The specialized approach to retail cleaning has allowed us to develop tailor-made solutions for retail-specific issues, catering to a large scope within the retail sector by servicing stores and retail groups of all sizes. Our ethos places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction through evaluation and progression of our current systems, always aiming to improve the way we do things for the betterment of the customer.

We believe the world is moving rapidly into an information-technology based society, so why should facility maintenance be exempt from following the trend? As such, we have implemented a variety of IT-based solutions into many different sectors of our business. Some of these include; a cloud-based proof of service system, a bespoke web and mobile app soon to be released and peer-to-peer instant messaging service to facilitate immediate contact with our cleaners. Our staff  vary in age, previous occupation and experience, all of which contribute to our unique company culture and love for integrating tried-and-tested solutions with newer and more modern tech-based options to achieve the best result possible.