Nationwide Consolidation

Why consolidate your facility maintenance with Clear Choice Nationwide?

› Visualize managing all your stores on one simple account each month. Remove the hassle of:

  • Managing dozens of petty cash or individual invoice payments
  • Excessive costs
  • Inconsistent store appearance across your brand
  • Quality control

› Clear Choice Nationwide can provide your brand with:

  • One consolidated invoice
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Industry-leading quality
  • Multiple location management with a dedicated operations team to ensure seamless service
  • Quality control and feedback management with a dedicated quality control department

We pride ourselves in being the industry’s most professional, honest and cost-effective option to deal with. From 1 to 1000+ stores, we have the capacity to keep your stores clean all year round.

Please call us direct on 1300 229 228 or contact us via the website, click here