What is a brand? The initial response of many would suggest a unique combination of a graphic or symbol, along with some text, which serves to differentiate product or service from its competitors. Interestingly though, when people are questioned about familiar brands that they have shopped with for many years, this initial connotation of a brand starts to morph. Rather than just distinguishing between different retailers, a brand now also represents a symbolic compass of credibility and quality, helping the consumer navigate through an increasingly crowded and complex marketplace. In the context of retail, this research highlights two important questions:

  • How do you get new customers to walk inside your store as a start?
  • How do you keep them coming back to build that credibility as a brand?

For want of a better cliché, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it is well known that many consumers judge businesses by their storefronts. In a recent report on the influence of storefront physical appearance¹, 95% of shoppers say exterior store appearance has influenced where they decided to shop, and a staggering 66% of these consumers say that they’ve previously decided not to enter a shop due to its unappealing exterior appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, it is estimated that 80% of consumers are open to shopping at novel places, and most of them have visited a business outside of their normal routine in the past six months, which in the context of the statistic mentioned above, indicates a vast number of potential consumers who are ready to visit your store, but are easily turned away by its appearance. 

Picture missing those potential customers as they walk past your store, and the all the sales that may have come as a result,  largely due to a problem which is incredibly simple to remedy. With the help of Clear Choice Nationwide, you can ensure that the appearance of your store works to attract those potential customers, instead of repelling them. Our mission is to remove the barrier of store appearance and to inspire people to experience your brand at its best. We aim to allow your team to focus on your customers, not on dirty windows.

[1] Retail Customer Experience – https://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/articles/report-consumers-influenced-by-a-retailers-physical-appearance/